The People Behind The Cause


Darren Hayes - The man on the Deere is a small town farm boy from Lacrosse Indiana. He’s not anyone special, he’s not rich, he’s not famous. He’s just a man that wants to make a difference for people he has never met before and never will. He’s willing to do anything he can to help the research for a condition that takes the lives of many and unfortunately this time, has effected a close friend and his family. Many of us have been effected by the loss of a loved one. If you can be part of something, no matter how small, that can possibly save one life, why wouldn’t you want to be?…….that’s the question Darren asked himself and now he can be found on a cross country trek, atop a bright green John Deere to do his part.




Matt & the Tassillo Family – Matt was recently diagnosed 4 months ago with 2 cancerous brain tumors and is being told they are inoperable.  He doesn’t know how long he has but, you can be sure he is going to LIVE, not sit around and feel sorry for himself. He is taking the time to enjoy his family every day! After the loss of his beautiful daughter Elyse,  just one year ago due to cancer as well, it has been an extremely hard couple years for the Tassillo’s. Many people never stop to think that this could happen to our own families or people we know and care about. The Tassilos are a normal family just like the rest of us. However, the last couple years have been faced with challenges that we all hope to never have to. While the family is being strong and sticking together during these hard times, it is still not the family life they had in mind. In life there are many things that we do not always understand and just don’t make sense. Why must an innocent child be taken from this life at such a young age? Why must a family such as the Tassillos be forced to face such tragedy, not once but twice? These are questions that we will never know the answers to. We have to treat each day as if we are living our last because we can’t always control when god will call upon us to move onto a new life with him in heaven. God bless the Tassillo family.

63f617054fece07fde606e02508ecb6cThe Tassillo Family – From left to Right……Big brother Clay, the beautiful Elyse, their amazing father Matt and their wonderful mother Amber. Together they are one of the strongest families I (Darren) have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They will always be together no matter what life throws at them, the heart travels further than anything!

The Tassillo family and Darren Hayes are asking for your help to contribute to the research that is performed daily at these great foundations (Riley Children’s Foundation & Ronald Mcdonald House). Please help them make this journey a success by donating just $1 to these great foundations. The $1 might seem like it won’t do much but, when just 10,000 people donate $1, that makes for a healthy contribution to aid in the research that these foundations do daily. We thank everyone for their support and belief in the “Track The Tractor” journey. God bless all of you and all of your families!!



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7 Responses to “The People Behind The Cause”

  1. Steve Raymer says:

    Darren, you are an amazing young man. I wish you all the best on this journey through “life”, which is what it will be. I hope that many, many people will follow this journey and donate as much as possible. GOD bless you, my friend.

  2. You Know Who says:

    You are an inspiration! I will continue to pray for you, the cause, and Matt and his family. Love you, monkey.

  3. Marilyn says:

    God Bless and God be with on your trip..Bless you, Son…

  4. Caryn says:

    You are doing a very special thing out of love for your friends and others you don’t even know. Bless you and your journey up here. I hope this site and the reason behind it gets spread all over the U.S. i have shared the link on my FB page. will be praying for you.~~~from Kouts, In,

  5. Ethan Austin says:

    Uncle Darren be safe and we love you!! And you are awesome. And the family is in our prayer’s. god blessed u and blessed us with calling you part of the family.

  6. […] According to his site, Hayes is raising awareness and money for the Riley Children’s Foundation and Ronald McDonald House in honor of his friend named Matt. […]

  7. Karen Condon says:

    Darren it was great meeting you and glad we were able to give an escort . i am glad you allowed me to be a part of your journey. i hope your travels are safe and you make to your destination safely also. Proud of what you are doing be careful and stay safe and if you are ever in Indy again stop by and visit you will always be welcome in my home…

    Karen Condon and Chris Condon

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