The Cause


It will start out as a simple journey for Darren Hayes to raise money for the Riley Children’s Foundation and Ronald Mcdonald House, in honor of his close friend Matt who has recently been diagnosed with 2 inoperable cancerous brain tumors. Unfortunately, Matt has lost his daughter about a year ago to the same issues. It has been a long, tough road for Matt and his family this last year and Matt is still more concerned with helping others with his similar health conditions rather than pity himself for what he is going through. That is the kind of strength that comes from a man facing challenges that most of us will never be faced with.

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When Darren became aware of this news, he decided to do more than just give his condolences, he is going to donate 3 weeks of his life and do something strange to grab the attention of as many viewers as possible, to raise as much money as he can…….all while riding his 1952 John Deere 60 tractor from the John Deere Doctor in Chiefland Florida all the way to New Buffalo Michigan.


Why a  John Deere tractor you ask?? Because you don’t notice someone walking down the street or driving down the street in a normal car. However, you will surely notice a huge bright green John Deere rolling down the street in front of you! The John Deere is probably the only type of tractor tough enough to make a journey like this and in such green and yellow style. You can look for the tractor which will be plastered in signage about the event and the website. So, when you see the tractor, take a pic and post it here on the site and let us know you saw Darren, tell your friends and do anything you can to raise the donation amount to The Riley Children’s Foundation, even $1 is greatly appreciated. If a few hundred thousand people donate $1, you do the math. Darren can make a difference and you can help him.



It doesn’t stop there…………………….

You country bumpkins may be familiar with a little ditty by Lee Brice called “Parking Lot Party”. Well Darren plans on making that a reality. Not only is he driving a 1952 John Deere across the country but, he is doing it with a small stage in tow. He plans to pull into as many busy parking lots as possible, break out his guitar and give the folks a show. Who knows what he will be singing, I guess you will have to hope to be one of the lucky ones to be in the parking lot he chooses that day. What better way to give back then to go across the country making people smile and changing up their planned day, even if it’s just for a song or two.



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128 Responses to “The Cause”

  1. Kim Parlin says:

    Hi Darren,
    It’s Mama Kim and I’m so very proud of what you doing!! I have been working at the Silver Horseshoe in Wanatah for almost 4 years now. The town has that big parking lot right across the street from the Shoe. If you would like to stop there for a rest, some food and singing please let me know and I will spread the word around Wanatah. I go back to work tomorrow night and will put up a donation jar for you also. Please personal message me on facebook if you are interested.
    Please have a safe and wonderful trip back up here to your roots!

  2. Marty Hayes says:

    So proud of you Cuz! Makes me proud to know you are a Hayes through and through!!!!! Play on buddy !!!! and be careful out there!

  3. Jason austin says:

    Be safe and keep a eye on the ol bearings!! Sing loud and proud and here’s a pop of the top for you miss ya!

  4. Mom austin says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip..if you get in my neck of the woods,,,,dinner cooked by me in exchamge for a song!! :)
    Love ya,,, miss ya

  5. Nikki zawora says:

    Love you cuz! Be safe in your travels!!

  6. christy lin says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip……

  7. Jessica (Bell-Michiaels) Hamby says:

    Hope to see you in Forsyth county, GA! Safe travels!

  8. Tammy Dalton says:

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

  9. aunt cindy and uncle bub says:

    we are very proud of you! your uncle says will the tires hold up?

  10. Will Jansen says:

    When do you guys expect to arrive in New Buffalo?

  11. Jaymie says:

    Couldn’t be prouder of you bud! You’ve got a great heart! Be safe on your travels and I hope to see awesome pics along the way. Drinkin’ a cold one to you!! Love ya Cuz!!!

  12. Nichole Thurman says:

    We’re building the excitement to see you up here in NW Indiana!! Travel safe and may God bless your journey!

  13. Your Nieces and Newphews says:

    Uncle Darren, we are obsessed with this and want to come too! However, mommy won’t let us because we have school. Good Luck! In our prayers (and Uncle Darren AND his tractor too, Amen).
    Kori, Andy and Emily

  14. Jackie "The Wife" Austin says:

    Hey there Darren!!!!! Hope all goes well for ya the next few weeks. Prayers go out for your friend and for your journey!!!
    Love ya!!!

  15. Kayde says:

    Kill…vegetable….hunter, my friend …kill vegetable hunter..

  16. Nancy Shail says:

    You don’t know me and I don’t know you but I was sent this link via FB and was so impressed with you and the journey you are about to take. A few years ago the WalMart stores held Country Music parking lot concerts. I helped out with several of these and as you know, most WalMart stores have a pretty busy parking lot. Also, here in Indiana those stores support Riley’s Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. I hope you or someone on your behalf has mad contact with WM corporate.
    Safe travels and I think this is such a wonderful way to support your friend. Good luck and God bless!
    Nancy Shail

  17. Darren says:

    Thank you! Wal-Mart is definitely on the top of my list. If you have any connections on a corporate level please pass them on to my email.

  18. Aunt Sheryl says:

    My heart is with you in your travels. Be safe. I will be following you and your tractor. Love you

  19. Marilyn says:

    Are you coming tru Radcliff, Ky or better yet what route you coming ?? How far are you?

  20. Kathy Trevillian says:

    Hi Darren! I think your adventure is admirable and you deserve a huge welcome from everyone along the way. My dad was a huge John Deer lover and I am sure he is riding along with you, because he would also have done something like this for his friends. I am in LaPorte Indiana which would be on your way. I work at Indiana University Heath in LaPorte which is a part of the same family of Riley’s and we would love to make room for you in our parking lot. Please let me know if you can stop in. Thank you for doing what you are doing. God Bless. Kathy

  21. kyle "the drummer" cilio says:

    I’m glad there are people that care left in this country. I think what you’re doing is great! Prayers and thoughts to you your family and friends. Be safe and keep on keepin on.

  22. Steve Raymer says:

    Gonna hold who needs holdin’
    Mend what needs mendin’
    Walk what needs walkin’
    Though it means an extra mile
    Gonna say what needs sayin’
    Pray what needs prayin’
    Cause we’re only here for a little while.
    -Billy Dean

  23. Brandi Turner says:

    I wish I would have had more time to talk to you and find out more about your cause. And I would have loved to be in the parking lot where you were going to sing. Thanks for bringing awareness.

  24. Valerie Benton says:

    Hi darren,
    You are truly an inspirational and inspiring person..u have a heart of gold that shines so bright for the world to see. You truly are an angel sent from above. Its a journey of a lifetime. Not only for you but the ones u are representing …in and around america….god bless you and your journey…

  25. James Veatch says:

    Totally awesome!! Action is what is required to make a statement, not just words. Praying for a safe and blessed journey. You are making me smile right now. :) :) :)

  26. Val Walls says:

    Enjoy reading about your journey. You are an awesome inspiration to raise awareness. Safe Journey Friend and may God Be With You!!! You get into our area you have a warm bed and home cooked meals waiting.

  27. Doug Poppell says:

    It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you.
    What your doing is so wonderful. Wish you safe travels and best of luck.
    Hope the weather is nice so you wont need to use that rainsuit…

    Take care and God bless you,
    Doug Poppell

  28. John Clark says:

    Good talking with you today in Thomasville, GA! Keep the big wheels rolling!

  29. Lynn Melton Carter says:

    I just want to say I think what you are doing is awsome. I pray God rides with you each mile you make and keeps you safe. I so wish I would have known before hand that you were coming through Perry Fl. cause I would have followed you through cheering you on. Thank you for riding for my nephew Carl J Melton III ( Lil CJ ) those 2nd 100 miles it really touched my families heart.

    May God Bless You
    Perry Fl

  30. Melanie C. Duncan says:

    As you pass through middle Georgia, contact and they might do a story about you for the local news. Loved seeing your tractor outside Camilla, GA, today, & donated through your link.

  31. missy langdale says:

    Saw an article about you on our local TV walb. Just thought I would say hi and God Bless you on your endeavor. Saw you in Albany, Ga. this evening on the bypass and yes being on a tractor makes you very visible.

  32. Mom austin says:

    Darren,,, could you please add A name for us ….Bill Austin….it is Jasons Uncle who passed away from Cancer? Thank you so much for all you do! Safe Journey.. Wish i had though sooner to add his name,, his wife lives in Georgia near Valdosta,
    Be safe !

  33. Kim Austin says:

    This is such an awesome thing you are doing. Be safe you will be in my thoughts and prayers

  34. Paige Gordon says:

    Our thoughts & prayers are with you during your journey…. May God Bless you with safe travels & good health..

    Best wishes & lots of prayers from Willacoochee, Ga

  35. domenick austin says:

    hey Darren my name is domenick Jason’s nephew what you are doing is really awesome it means a lot to me and my family I hope your trip is safe and god bless

  36. Diana says:

    God Bless you on your journey! I live in New Buffalo and can’t wait until you get here! I will spread the word & try and get a rockin’ audience when you arrive! Keep my posted on your arrival date!!!

    • Darren says:

      Thank you! Please share all posts and tell new buffalo we are on our way! Ill let you know. Dana Gail and joy Ziegler are the chair persons of the welcoming committee and they would love to talk to you about a local location if you have ideas. is a great way to pass forward helpful information! I can’t wait to give a handshake and a hug to you!

  37. Lori Otto says:

    You are doing a great selfless act of kindness. There should be more people in the world like you Darren. Thank you and God be with you on this journey. I hope that much money is raised.

  38. Robin Armstrong says:

    Hey Darren, just want to let you know I am praying for your safe return to your friends and family. Be safe out there. There needs to be more friends like you in the world and it would be a better place. God Bless and Be Safe.

  39. Todd says:

    I seen him on the South Georgia HWY yestidy. Cover him Jesus and keep him safe.

  40. Darren says:

    Thank you Todd. I believe he has surrounded me! Keep them coming please. We have a ways to go and I need the help everyday.

  41. Stan Maddux says:

    My name is Stan Maddux..a reporter wanting to do a story about your trip.
    can you give me your cell number or call me at (269) 861-9249. I write for the
    Times and South Bend Tribune and also WCOE radio in La Porte.

  42. Terri says:

    May God Bless you, Todd. What a wonderful thing to do. Helping your good friend and raising Awareness about Brain Tumors! Plus this is Children’s Cancer Awareness month. Spreading the word one mile at a time. Our ten yr. old son died last year due to DIPG, a brain stem tumor. I think this is one of the most heart touching things I have ever seen! Thank you and God keep you safe!

  43. Judy Zabicki says:

    Just read all that you are doing on this Great Adventure to wipe out Cancer! We have a Hausefest Halloween Bash to raise money for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Northern Indiana! This will be our 2nd year having it. I hope you all will be our guests! I’m from New Buffalo too and we will work to make arraignments for your safe arrival!
    I will get ahold of Dana & Joy and we will help out with your Arrival Festivities!
    Gob Bless you on your Journey that it is Safe.

    Judy Z

  44. Shane Lyle says:

    I really appreciate everything you are doing for my family and the families all in the US. (I am the brother of Amber (Matt’s wife)). Have a safe travel and i just wish you would’ve traveled here to Iowa lol

  45. Stacey Guse says:

    I am PROUD to call Darren Hayes my friend. I don’t believe that I know anyone with a bigger heart than our “Young Darren”! Your work for such a good cause will not go unnoticed! Please keep yourself safe in this journey and know we are praying for your safe arrival in New Buffalo, MI and back home in Lacrosse, IN. God Bless you!!
    Stacey and Andy Guse
    LaCrosse, IN

  46. Liz says:

    This is insane! & I love it! This is really awesome. My best friends nephew was diagnosed with cancer when he was about a year or so old. All those scary trips down to Riley’s & St. Jude’s. The Dr.’s said that he wasn’t suppose to make it past his 3rd birthday. Well, this past February he turned 6. He’s been in remission for about 2 yrs. or so & goes down to St. Jude’s about every 3 months for check ups. The Ronald McDonald house helped so much. They do such amazing things for families down there, its unreal. What you are doing, is unreal, so amazing. What an inspiration you are. If you are ever in La Porte, IN on your tractor make it be known! Would love to meet you and hear you sing. I wish you the best of luck & safe travels! Don’t forget, you must play International Harvester! Especially while your on that tractor!

    Good Luck to you!!

  47. Darren says:

    Thanks Liz. It may be a little tough to play that song but we will see! Lol

  48. Jaco van Eeden says:

    Caught you in Nashville! Feel obligated to help you caught my attention with the tractor

  49. David Sherbondy says:

    Your old buddies are waiting for you to get home, good luck safe travels, no wheelies!

  50. Merf Burkhart says:

    Just saw you heading up Dickerson Road past Charlie Bob’s. Good luck out there.

  51. John in GA says:

    Great thing you are doing, Darren. I saw the pictures from Nashville, and see that you are using a late model B now that the 60 was damaged. Hopefully you’ll be able to repair the 60!


  52. Lanelle says:

    We saw you in Joelton, Tennessee today and I pulled up the website to see what you were about. Safe travels and what a great mission you are on.

  53. Brenda Trammel says:

    Just saw you pass by our home on Rt. 431, Adairville, Ky. You are doing a wonderful thing. Need more people like you. Luck be with you.

  54. David Sherbondy says:

    Hope you know some Kenny Cheney by the the time you hit Michigan! Looking forward to it.

  55. Keith smith says:

    Hey man I seem you going thru Russellville Ky today and honked at ya by the papa johns, I was driving the red Chevy. My family farms in Adairville and if you need anything while your close let us know. We all appreciate what your doing and prey for safe travels and we plow our tobacco patches with a John deere G so if you have any problems that you need trouble shooted let me know. wish I would have known you was coming sooner Russellville would have loved to have a show on the square

  56. Darren says:

    Any requests Dave? Lol

  57. Darren says:

    Thank you all for your posts! It is truly what keeps me going. Keep them coming and share this site with your friends please.

  58. Rickyjason says:

    Came through Lewisberg Ky. today around 5:30 pm today 9/6/2013. I appreciate what your doing.

  59. phil says:

    Will be waiting for you in CHI-TOWN. I give u a lot of credit. Just lost a uncle to cancer…….all your fireman friends wish u luck here at the CFD… see ya in Chicago

  60. Darren says:

    Phill, I won’t be going to Chicago. New buffalo is my limit but thank you and please share this website with all of your fellow firefighters. Thank you!

  61. Deanna says:

    Just saw you in central city Ky. Be safe and praying for you and hope The Lord blesses you abundantly.

  62. Jennifer Hunt says:

    Saw you today in Central City. Big admiration for you and your cause. Stay safe.

  63. Carl Henderson says:

    You just pulled into my shop and we got your bearings greased up for you! Awesome cause you’re supporting! Very interesting way to raise awareness and money! Good luck going through Owensboro, KY as you cross the river into Indiana.

  64. Kristina says:

    Very thoughtful and touching. I have lost a daughter to cancer. Very heart warming keep it up! Saw u pass by in owensboro ky!

  65. David Sherbondy says:

    Heard you on Indiana 105.5 talking about your cause

  66. Justin says:

    Just went through Owensboro ky

  67. Kris Roby says:

    Just spotted you about 30 minutes ago, you just crossed the bridge over the Ohio River into Indiana. I came home and looked you up to see what you were all about. What you are doing is awesome! Godspeed to you!

  68. Railey says:

    Just saw you in Lincoln State Park in Lincoln City, Indiana!

  69. Cara Cooper says:

    My son and I saw you this morning about 9:40am on Hwy 431 South (Utica, KY area) about 9 miles outside of Owensboro, KY. Then again about 10:45am on US 60 Bypass in Owensboro, KY. I noticed your banner, but being a busy day, hadn’t had the chance to check out the site. I am glad I did. Very inspiring story! Good luck in your travels and stay safe! God Bless!

  70. Toby Wood says:

    What you are doing is awesome! I live in Owensboro and just saw on the news you were here, best wishes to you man!

  71. Jamie Johnson says:

    I passed you today in my semi truck on the 60 by-pass in Owensboro, KY right beside the Menard’s store. Your tractor actually caught my attention because we have a 1952 John Deere A. May God bless your travels and bless you for taking the time to bring awareness and money to such a wonderful cause. Keep pop-popping down the road!

  72. matt b says:

    you just passed through my road project about 10 mins ago outside of huntingburg indiana. be careful out there. i hope you raise a lot of mone
    y and awareness. good luck

  73. Craig says:

    Saw you getting gas in Huntingburg, IN today and had to look it up. I was across the street, so I didn’t get to ask you what was up – but now wish I had taken time to come over and see what you were up to. God bless you and I hope it’s been a terrific experience and that you finish strong!

  74. Trisha Shepherd says:

    Thank you so much for all you are doing for Riley Children’s Foundation! I coordinate a Riley blog, and we would love a little more info about when you expect to pass through Indy, and where your fundraising stands at this point. Email me if you can at Thanks much,
    Trisha Shepherd
    Riley Children’s Foundation

  75. tammy says:

    Saw you going through jasper Indiana today. Safe travels to you.

  76. jordan says:

    Just saw you in Loogootee IN around 1130 today good luck and be safe!!

  77. Kyla says:

    I saw you near the tiny town of Farlen tonight on my way home from work. Thank you for what you’re doing. Please stay safe!

  78. David Hill says:

    Just passed him near CRANE, Indiana. God bless him on his journey, it’s an amazing thing he’s doing. Prayers to his friend & his family.

  79. Sarah Miller says:

    He just went past Owensburg Road on Hwy 45 in Indiana.
    Safe journey!!!

  80. dianna says:

    Passed you on US 231 north of Jasper and Haysville, when you pulled over onto Webb road to let traffic pass. I wish I had known about you then and taken a picture. We are also a JD family and wondered what you were about. We also had a very good friend pass away from a brain tumor also. So sad, but love what you are doing for the cause. Will be donating, keep on tractoring, stay safe.

  81. Nina says:

    This is great! He’s just getting ready to enter Bloominging, Indiana. (9/12/13- 8p)

  82. Lance Coffman says:

    I just seen him entering martinsville Indiana. Good job.

  83. Ann says:

    Checked out your website. What a great thing you are doing. If you need service as you come to Indianapolis, contact Reynolds Farm Equipment in Mooresville. Ask for the best mechanic there- Sam. He would get a kick out of helping you. He’s a John Deere mechanic.

  84. Lynn Davenport says:

    Just passed you on hwy 37 heading north from Bloomington to Martinsville! What an awesome idea! Go, man, go!

  85. Alex Woodward says:

    Very cool. We have a drive for cancer next weekend we would love to have you come in Marshall mi email me

  86. Ginger Murrell says:

    Awesome! My son and I just passed you on hwy 37 on our way to Greenwood. Great job for a great cause!


    absoulutley awesome !!!! prayers to u on this journey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Teri says:

    You are such a wonderful person to do this. I hope I get to see you in Elkhart,IN. God bless you and stay safe.

  89. Roy says:

    WTG,,& for a Great cause. I just seen you going northbound thru Indianapolis.
    Thanks to whatever Police Agency that is giving him a escort,I imagine IMPD or MCSD

  90. Ashley says:

    Just saw you in Indianapolis! You are amazing! What an incredible way to bring awareness and show support. Safe travels!

  91. Morgan says:

    I just passed Darren in Indianapolis and was instantly curious about his cause. I looked up this website and am amazed to hear this story. What a wonderful testament to humanity and love for your neighbors. Thank you Darren for reminding us the importance of taking the time and effort to care for one another. I am sad I missed the chance to snap a picture! Best of luck on your inspiring journey!

  92. Shane says:

    I saw you go thru 96th street and Merdian (US31) while I was unloading my trailer. I had no clue why a John Deere was getting a police escort. I wish you the best of luck and a safe trip. You’re almost there. It’s a great thing you’re doing. Wish I lived up 31, I’d love to be in the next parking lot.

  93. Martin says:

    I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with Darren on his travels through Indy. Although the travel time was only 2 hours and only covered about 12 miles, by the end I only thought one thing, WOW what a commitment! At average speeds of 12mph and exposer to the elements, WOW! Elements include the crazy impatient texting not paying attention drivers out there. This is a tuff task he has taken on. I left Carmel an inspired man! Good Luck and safe travels Darren!

    Part the way then open your wallets!

  94. Toni says:

    This is amazing, you drove by my work earlier today, 1 mile south of the Lucas Oil Stadium on West St. My co-worker said , Hey look at the Tractor coming down West St. Saw 1 Police car, a tractor, and another police car. Couldn’t figure out what that was about until tonight. Would have liked to have a picture taken. Have a safe trip. Always invited to Indiana Mulch & Stone LLC

  95. Jana wagner says:

    Good morning all! We just saw Darren heading north on US 31, possibly out of Carmel, Indiana? We had no idea what he was doing or who he was, so you bet we looked him up. Glad we were able to make a donation – this was our son’s tithe for the morning- how fun to see it in action. Keep on trucking, or should we say tractorin’?!!

  96. Jenny says:

    Hi Darren! My boyfriend and I just saw you in Carmel, IN on our way to Peru, IN to see my momther and immediately looked up your website. What an awesome thing you are doing, you have a heart of gold. I use to work at Riley Hospital for children on the cancer center and have such admiration for the families and what you are doing. Be safe and I will continue to follow you from this moment on!

  97. Lynn says:

    Just passed you in the construction zone in Westfield Indiana. Travel safe! What an amazing journey…prayers for your friend and the many others dealing with health issues.

  98. Liz Murray says:

    We just saw you on US31 in westfield IN. Gob bless you on your trip. What a wonderful way to bring awareness to such a devastating disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt and his family. God bless you.

  99. Robert Melo says:


    To say I am surprised you would do something so selfless is to not know you. Well…I DO know you and am DAMNED PROUD to! I know you will MORE than succeed with your target!

    God bless you on the road and always, bud!

    Your friend always,


  100. Jackie says:

    We saw the tractor on US 31 N. headed toward Kokomo!

  101. Jeanette says:

    He was seen about 12:15 on 31 north of St Rd 38. Have a safe journey. 50 years ago Riley saved my premature son’s life. May God bless you and keep you safe on your journey.

  102. Andrea says:

    Hi Darren! My husband and I just passed you going through Kokomo! I was curious as to what tracking the tractor was so as we passed I looked it up. It’s great what you are doing and is very inspiring!

  103. Paul Cookman says:

    What a great thing your doing. Wish I’d seen I sooner. I’d have met u n Nolbesville. Grew up farming w old J D’s on 70 acer farm. Nothing sounds or runs like a DEERE !! GID BLESS & BE SAFE. New Buffalo is a beautiful place. My daughters kissed the Buffalo there !! Lol

  104. Pat and Jerri says:

    Just saw you in Kokomo, In but was unable to get a picture. Bless you for doing this! Riley has done some magnificent work for our family and we appreciate them so much.

  105. David Sherbondy says:

    Do you think you will in New Buffalo on Tuesday?

  106. Barbara Kolb says:

    I saw Darren on Highway 31 close to Noblesville, IN today! I was going to visit my son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons. My youngest grandson was born with heart problems and other issues and has spent the greater part of his short life (2 years) at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. My hat goes off to Darren for what he is doing!!! Thank you and may God bless you!!!

  107. Juston and Ashley says:

    My wife and I bought you a drink at Whiskey River. We saw you earlier on 31 on our way to visit our aunt in the hospital. We were lucky to have stopped into WR on a whim on our way home. It was great meeting you and think very highly of you for what you are doing. You have earned your wings my friend.

  108. Andy says:

    Love what you are doing! Donated and telling all my buddies about it too. You need repairs or a hot meal in La Porte county, come on by the farm. Be more then happy to have ya!

  109. Kathy Clover says:

    On our way to Kokomo this morning around 1115 saw you coming up US 35, didn’t pay much attention other than noticing a tractor pulling a trailer. Then coming back from Kokomo around 400 or so, headed up to Knox, we passed you and then we saw your website on the back of the trailer. Saw you again on our way back to Logansport around 5 or so around Winamac. As soon as I got home had to check out your website. This is great what you are going. Safe travels for the rest of your trip!!!

  110. Kevin says:

    Good job buddy seen you in Lacrosse tonight on my way in from work… It brought my attention to what your doing.. See you in New Buffalo with some cash!!!

  111. Tricia says:

    Darrin just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. Your courageous effort has been truly remarkable. I know what’s its like to spend sleepless nights and exhausting days at Riley’s did it for many months with my grandson. Thank you for all that you have done

  112. I am so proud of you Darren it is for a great cause. My kids seen you at school and is sharing your wonderful story. Safe travels ill be sure to donate!

  113. P Jusko says:

    We just happened to see you on Rte 421 around Wanatah today as we were going to the Kankakee River to fish! What a wonderful thing you are doing! I will post your website on my facebook page, and am making a donation! Bless you!

  114. Doris Cunningham says:

    God Bless you Darren for taking this journey. I know that you have touched the lives of many, many people during this long journey. A special place will be held for you in heaven and Matt and his family have yet to truly understand the magnitude of your efforts. God Bless and safe travels.

  115. Nikki says:

    Saw You in Wanatah today on my way home from school! Its so awesome that you have undertaken this! So much patience is needed and to do so for such a good cause is fantastic! It made my day to see you pass through!

  116. Bob says:

    Went to Indiana on vacation from 9/4/13 to 9/18/13 to visit with sisters in Muncie. Traveled the state down to French Lick and Vincennes up to Goose Lake and saw Darren three times. did not know just what he was doing or where he is going. Wish that we knew then what we know now. Great idea and a great tractor to do the job. Darren, Good Luck on your journey.

  117. Nicole says:

    He made it to New Buffalo, MI. He just crossed the street in front of me with a well deserved police escort. What a wonderful man and cause that he is working for.

  118. David Sherbondy says:

    Driving around new Buffalo looking for you

  119. Sue Keeling says:

    Congrats on your arrival in New Buffalo! Followed you in on our way to The Stray Dog! As the parent of a son with special needs, I salute you! May God bless you and your family!

  120. Gary Bentley says:

    Saw you in Rockport Indiana. Just now getting to the site. This is amazing. Congratulations!!!

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